Customized Solutions

Customized Paddle Solutions

Extender Paddle NEXT Tray System

Extender Paddle

We can customize paddle sizes, functions, and spring quantity to properly face and display your particular product.

The Extendable Paddle (pictured) extends past the back of a shelf tray. This allows for additional merchandising beyond the depth of the tray. This solution offers the ability for one tray to work on multiple shelf depths.

Custom Security Solutions

anti-sweep next tray system

Anti-Sweep Version

A growing concern in today’s retail space is product theft. We can customize the NEXT System to provide anti-sweep functionality, as well as other security measures.

Southern Imperial has a wide variety of security solutions through its Intelligent Loss Prevention division. Our team can work with you to provide the best possible security solution while keeping product shoppable.

Custom Mounting Solutions

grid mounting for next tray system Grid Mount Tray

We believe the NEXT System can be used almost anywhere! If you need a particular mounting option for a freezer grid (pictured), half-inch bar, or some other method, let us know. We would be happy to accommodate.

The modular design of the NEXT System makes it easy to create almost any configuration you need. Contact us today for custom mounting options, or for ways you can face and merchandise any challenging product you may have.