NEXT™ Analysis

The Tray

NEXT Tray System
Competitor System
The Tray
  • Tray adjusts from 5.5” to 12”.
  • Options for side dividers – choice of metal plates, wire sides, wire support on only one side, or mix and match. Custom sides are easy to accommodate.
  • Has the ability to be used with just one divider side per tray, which saves space in tight planograms. In a 5 facing display, using just one divider per tray can save .25” of space.
  • Paddle lock for easy restocking. A simple push on the paddle releases it to face product.
  • Springs on the pusher mechanism are protected and do not hang below the tray.
  • Standard paddle comes to within .25” of the front product stop.
  • Label holders have no exposed sharp edges along bottom of tray.
  • Adjustable dividers have stops to prevent over-extending the sides.
  • Metal dividers come with rounded, unobtrusive edges.
  • Tray adjusts from 5.5” to 10”.
  • Only available with metal plates. Can not be customized.
  • Tray is supported from both sides, so it is impossible to remove one side.
  • No paddle lock.
  • Springs on the pusher mechanism hang below the tray, which in tight planograms can cause cuts, sometimes severe, when restocking.
  • Standard paddle comes within .75” of the front product stop. Custom paddle needed to close the gap.
  • Label holders have sharp edges, which can cause scrapes and cuts in tight planograms.
  • Dividers can be over-extended, causing the tray to come apart.
  • Metal sides have square edges.


NEXT Tray System
Competitor System
  • Both systems use 1” square bar.
  • Trays are interchangeable between systems.
  • Both trays are easy lift out for restocking or planogram change
  • Both trays have the same multiple depth options that match.
  • Both trays have the same angle off bars.
  • Spring tensions and mounting up to 3 springs on the 5” tray are the same.
  • Same 3 Paddle choices.
  • Front product stops have the same 4 choices.
  • Plastic extruded side extenders for bag product or odd boxes 2.5” and 5” heights.
  • Available in the same colors.

The Bar

NEXT Tray System
Competitor System
The Bar
  • Bar bracket features a safety tab to prevent bar from falling out.
  • Closed door cooler/freezers are available in 2 shelf widths – 30” and 30.375”. NEXT System fits in both systems and maximizes space without complication due to central mounting mechanism of trays.
  • One style fits all uprights in Gondolas/Coolers/Freezers.
  • No safety tab. Bars can fall out easily, which is especially problematic on installation.
  • Competitor trays hang from the side edge of the divider, which often causes gaps between trays where there is a gap between bars. This can be remedied using spacers, but adds more component and labor costs.
  • 2 different styles – 50% chance of having wrong item at installation.