NEXT™ 2.0

NEXT™ 2.0 Tray Merchandising System

The only NSF approved Tray System on the market!

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The patent pending NEXT™ Tray Merchandising System allows retailers to increase merchandising space and improve product visibility. Each item remains faced and visible to the customer for easy product selection. By incorporating the NEXT™ System into a planogram, retailers can eliminate expensive shelving and put more product in its place

NEXT™ 2.0 allows retailers to further streamline appearance and simplify labor while saving money. The modified design includes open-weave construction to reduce the overall weight and cost, and the pusher paddle extension allows for easy and complete product stocking.

Additionally, customers benefit from a more organized and cohesive layout featuring enhanced product depth and merchandising which, in turn, increases sales.

Redesigned mounting brackets allow for an increased number
of packages per tray.


Redesigned NEXT™ Tray


Streamline, simplify and save!

With the NEXT™ 2.0 Merchandising System, retailers save valuable retail space and can stock additional products per tray. NEXT™ 2.0 offers the following features:

  • Increase Sales 10-15% based on industry case study
  • Attractive, open-weave construction of plastic divider
    and pusher paddle reduces overall weight and costRedesigned NEXT™ Tray Features
  • Uniform size of pusher paddle and front product stop
    maintains consistency across packages and categories
  • Wide divider base secures larger boxed and bagged products
  • Durable wire frame expands from 4.6” W x 10.5” W to accommodate a wide variety of package shapes and sizes
  • Two tray mounting styles available: Bar mount and shelf rail
  • Low mounting brackets allow increased number of packages per tray
  • Shelf rail included to secure shelf trays to most standard gondola shelving
  • Trays fit on Fresh-Fit® Thin Profile Shelving System mount bar to organize and face salads and other bagged produce



Exciting new features and options

Expandable tray Full depth design for increased product pack-out
Integrated Baffles LED Lighting
Paddle Lock Pull-out Tray

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