Shelf Tray


shelf tray

shelf tray with metal sides

Metal Side Dividers

  • Available in 5”W and 3”W Base Frame.
  • 3” Wide Frame is available in 13”, 15”, 17” and 19” depths and expands from 3.3” to 6.5” widths with dividers.
  • 5” Wide Frame is available in 13”, 15”, 17”, 19”, and 22” depths and expands from 5.3” to 12” widths with dividers.
  • Various spring tensions available
    for facing product.
  • Stock color is black.
    Custom colors available.
metal side dividers small tray

Metal Side Divider on 3″W Shelf Tray

shelf tray with wire sides

Wire Dividers with Front Fence for Double Wire Shelves

Divider Styles
front stop 2 inch


front stop 3 inch


front stop 3.5 inch


six inch front stop


3.5 inch pusher paddle

3.5″ H

5 inch pusher paddle


6.5 inch pusher paddle


Front Stops
Pusher Paddles

wire shelf front

label holders

divider extenders

Wire Shelf Front
Label Holders
Divider Extenders

Feature Highlights

expandle dividers
Divider sides are expandable, holding product from 5.3” W to 12” W on the 5” Tray, and 3.3” W to 6.5” W on the 3” Tray.
top view wire shelf trayPaddle locks at back of the tray allow easy product loading. Simply push product into paddle to release.
Special front fence design allows for mounting onto double-wire shelves, keeping the tray to the front of the shelf.
wire freezer shelf