What Is NEXT™?

The Most Versatile Tray System Around



Product Facing Revolutionized! Adjustable. Customizable. Easy!

wire shelf tray next merchandising systemSouthern Imperial’s NEXT™ System is a versatile, strong, and expandable product facing system that works with a wide variety of products. Best of all, it increases sales, reduces labor and reduces product shrink from spoilage.

Unlike other product facing solutions, the NEXT™ System can display and face almost any product and is easy to install. Its unique tray design allows it to sit on a shelf or bar and give merchandise the best possible presentation. Products don’t get lost. The effectiveness of product packaging is maximized. Best of all, sales increase.

The Most Versatile Tray System Around!

The unique design of the NEXT™ Tray System makes it the most expandable, versatile, and customizable option on the market today. Nearly every aspect of the tray can be selected to create the ultimate product merchandising tool.

Each NEXT™ Tray features sides that can be adjusted to match the width of the product. Trays are available for 1” bar and for shelf mount. Custom options are available.