NEXT™ Tray Merchandising Before and After

Enhance presentation to increase sales

NEXT™ 2.0 Expandable Tray

The NEXT™ Tray Merchandising System allows retailers to increase merchandising space and improve product visibility. Each item remains faced and visible to the customer for easy product selection. By incorporating the NEXT™ System into a planogram, retailers can eliminate expensive shelving and put more product in its place. And, our latest patent pending NEXT™ 2.0 system is the ONLY Tray Merchandising System on the market – perfect for the produce department, freezers and coolers, or any other food retailing space.

The ability to add more merchandise increases the profitability of the retail space. Additionally, customers

benefit from a more organized and cohesive layout featuring enhanced product depth and merchandising, which in turn drives increased sales.

The NEXT™ System is fully modular and customizable to handle a wide variety of products and retail environments.

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Studies show NEXT™ increases space by 25-30% with an ROI of roughly 8 months!

Increase merchandising space with NEXT™

Store-wide system benefits

  • Increase Sales 10-15% based on industry case studyExpandable Tray
  • Reduce Fixture Costs
  • Minimize Labor Associated with Stocking and Facing
  • Reduce Shrink Associated with Spoilage and Theft
  • Enhance Inventory Rotation
  • Organize Product Appearance
  • Grow Categories by 25-30%
  • Improve Sustainability