Why NEXT™?

With NEXT™, Every Last Product Sells!



  • increase sales
  • grow categories
  • reduce shrink
  • A 10-15% increase in sales by increasing impulse sales and turns on merchandise.
  • By maximizing merchandise space, and increasing product pack out allows 15-20% more product to be faced.
  • Reduce shrink from spoilage by 1-2%.
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  • Reduce Stocking & Facing Labor

    reduce stocking costs

    Tray faces so clerks don’t have to. The locking paddle feature makes it easy and fast to reload, as well as faces product.
  • Easy Installation & Plan-O-Gram Changes

    easy planogram changes with next

    The self-contained tray makes it easy
    to remove and re-arrange product
    layout and planograms.
  • Enhance Departmental Appearance

    enhance appearance

    Facing product so its visible
    and effectiveness of product
    packaging is maximized.
    Click here for before & after examples.
  • hooks
  • shelves
  • why next
  • The Problem


    Hooks limit the depth that products can be displayed and often fail due to heavy loads of products like candy. Hooks can also tear out the packaging, leaving no way to merchandise the product.
  • The Problem


    Shelves are expensive, limit the number of product rows that can be displayed, and product gets lost at the back of the shelf increasing shrink.
  • The Solution


    The NEXT™ System has no problem facing heavy product with zero damage to packaging, NEXT™ System compacts the retail space and increases the amount of product that can be merchandised and the NEXT™ System can even work on existing 1″bars.