NEXT™ 1.0
NEXT™ 2.0
NEXT™ Tray 1.0 and 2.0
  • Tray adjusts from 5.5” to 12”.
  • Mounts on bar on the back of the tray saving shelf space.
  • Paddle lock for easy restocking. A simple push on the paddle releases it to face product.
  • Can use multiple springs fro more pusher strength
  • Baffles are installed separately
  • Metal dividers come with rounded, unobtrusive edges.
  • Tray adjusts from 4.6” to 10.5”.
  • Mounts a bar under tray allowing for more product per tray.
  • Optional Paddle Lock
  • Uniform size of pusher paddle and front product stop maintain consistency across packages and categories
  • Baffles are integrated directly into tray
  • Rouned plastic dividers for temperature control


NEXT™ 1.0
NEXT™ 2.0
  • Both systems use 1” square bar.
  • Trays are interchangeable between systems.
  • Both trays are easy lift out for restocking or planogram change
  • Both trays have the same angle off bars.
  • Available in the same colors.
  • Standard paddle comes to within .25” of the front product stop.

The Bar

NEXT™ 1.0
NEXT™ 2.0
The Bar
  • Bar bracket features a safety tab to prevent bar from falling out.
  • Closed door cooler/freezers are available in 2 shelf widths – 30” and 30.375”. NEXT™
    System fits in both systems and maximizes space without complication due to central mounting mechanism of trays.
  • One style fits all uprights in Gondolas/Coolers/Freezers.
  • Various front fence heights available as
    well as different label holder options.
  • Design of tray mount allows trays to span over bars,
    creating a continuous flow of merchandise.
  • Divider sides are expandable, to hold
    products between 4.6” to 10.5” wide. Divider
    ledge supports full width of product.
  • Adjustable side dividers. Custom styles available*
  • Custom front fence heights available as well as different label holder options*